What is Cognitive Analytical Therapy (CAT)?

Unlike any other organ in your body, the brain only has a basic plan mapped out by genes. The overall architecture is modified, enhanced or damaged by influences throughout life. Your brain starts with trillions of potential ways that cells could connect up, however, what connections are formed depend upon what you learn. Basically, the organization of our brains has been sculpted by ourselves through life experiences.

CAT is an active therapy that invites you to be the observer on your unique life development. Understanding the relationships you built as a child, adolescent and adult can help analyse and reflect upon the person you are today.

How did you become you?

Figure 1: How You Became You

Together through CAT, in the safety of the therapeutic relationship, we can find a way to change unhelpful learned attitudes and beliefs about yourself and others, and help you sculpt your own destiny.

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